In Your showroom

Cast your project’s application on a big screen and let your clients explore the design. They can choose from different colours and materials, or switch from day to night light.

A real-time video can play during times of no use.

On your laptop

You can run our applications on a windows laptop in your office or wherever it suits your client.

We can help you find a good PC or laptop. There is a large selection of “gaming” laptops available. It won’t break your budget and you can use them for all our projects.

Your webpage

360˚ degree panorama tours can be implemented into your projects webpage.

They give a good representation of your project without requiring expensive hardware. They run on any phone or PC that has a web browser.


Standard App.

Our standard package allows the client to walk freely through your building and explore every aspect of it. Screenshots can be taken and an interactive floor plan lets the client move quickly from room to room. Drone mode is also included.

Interactive App.

Interactive elements can be added to the standard app.

  • Design Schemes
  • Individual Object and Material Swaps
  • Lighting Changes
  • Layout Changes

All Features

Interactive Floorplan moves the user quickly to any room.

Design Schemes are sets of design choices that work well together.

Choose Materials from a list.

Pick Appliances or other objects from a list.

Pre-rendered Lighting Choices.

Pre-rendered Layout Choices.

Cinematic Video can be played in app or on your webpage.

Pixel Streaming (experimental feature) from dedicated web server onto a webpage.

Quick Travel to another Apartment or House.

New: Client Management. Save client selections, create lists and screenshots. Continue where you left last time.

Virtual Reality on request.

Panorama Images and Web Tours as shown above.

We can also output high quality, High Resolution Images.